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interneTIFF (IE Browser) 8.0

interneTIFF is a plug-in to view patents in TIFF format in your web browser
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interneTIFF (IE Browser) is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that lets you view patents in TIFF format.
This application was designed primarily to be able to view, print, and save patents stored in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), though in this new version it includes new functionality that allows you to have access to non-US patents. Thus, this plug-in comes bundled with another two programs: innoVUE (a TIFF viewer for your local TIFF files) and ipMAGNET (a tool to search and download patents from the European Patent Office). You will be able to launch both programs from the interneTIFF toolbar.

In brief, you will be able to search and find any patent stored in TIFF format both in the USPTO and the European Patent Office, which you can then save to your local hard drive also as a set of TIFF images. When the download finishes, innoVUE will be launched. This standalone tool is not only a TIFF viewer, but also a utility to merge TIFF images and to convert them into PDF files. Besides, you will be able to print the patents directly from innoVUE, as well as from your browser.

The unregistered version of interneTIFF remains functional for three days with some limitations.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Includes a stand-alone TIFF viewer
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